my car sounded like a lawn mower then the two spark plugs blew out of motor what would cause this

Replaced headgaskets seals, and a few other seals, then replaced fuel filter and she started again. But now she has white smoke out the tail pipe, and squirting water in the engine and sounds rough. Any ideas? Didn't happen when I first started her and driver her for an hour. She did ride rough but not that bad. Gauges are messed up and the check gestures light stayed on. Then I replace fuel filter and this happens. Please help

great but when i push on gas it sputters and bucks what else could i try the check engine light doesn't work

and on a couple times rpm goes back down to 10.Also starts fine but when put into drive it bucks and acts like it isn't getting gas because it will not pick up speed and eventually will stall.Could this be my fuel pump or throttle positioning sensor?

A couple weeks ago, my boyfriend who drives the car noticed that it wouldn't start. It would turn over and work for about 10 seconds. Then it would die. After trying it several times over a couple of days, it now won't start for any time at all. It starts and dies right away. We have a friend that is a mechanic who thinks it's the fuel filter or pump, so he's going to replace it. I just need to know what tools he's going to need for the process.

The left turning works and blinks right turning signal will not blink or work

Sevice engine light is on and need it off to smog vehicle am on extremely tight budget

i changed wires ... the coil packs ...the battery...and i had my ignition moduel tested and it is good... put new ignition sensor and oil pressure sensor and still no spark

where is the command center? If once we get out and manually unlock all the doors it will function normally for awhile

my car is missing alot.

every time I fill up