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Fitting broke right below hex and is flush with manifold. Inside dia. of plastic is "mushy" outside dia. is still very rigid and stuck in threads. 1"-14 UNS thread
next module that I need to replace after the ignition module? I also would like to know if that is the right module to replace if the carborator is not performing properly? I just do not want to replace parts if they ...
I believe it could be the ignition modular but not sure if it might be either the catalytic converter or my worst nightmare a fuel pump
it dont rare up the motor i really dont know whats wrong wit the car ive changed the o2 senoer , ive changed the coil pack and mougel.. i havent change the mass air flow sensor please help
At first just the speedometer and odometer now the car will stall and temperature gauge doesn't register. Does anyone have any clue what could be wrong?
will go out after about 15 minutes.Does not matter how much fuel is in tank.
my brake lights wont shut off
Friend "mechanic" changed tranny filter 3 months ago. Leaks at pan ever since. Car is mint. 62000 miles. Thinking gasket not seated right or heard I should have used a cork gasket. I have to fix asap; losing 1 qt ever...
Will my Regal still run when it needs fuel injectors replaced?
how mush will it cost and what exactly do I need to replace?
Door latch was stuck, I mistakenly pushed it in the opposite direction from it's original position. Now the latch is stuck in the opposite position, and the door won't latch close! How would I undo this, so that the d...
Cannot get rear piston to close in order to replace brake pads
The power door locks keep making a clicking sound, trying to open and close on their own. Someone mentioned that it might be the switch? Also, my passenger door won't open by lock or key, so my guess is the bar is bro...