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When first started I need to wait a minute for it to drop into reverse. Until I do that it will slip in drive. Always slips in overdrive.
There's a few times ive been running my car(1991 buick regal) with low gas and ive actually ran out of gas a couple times. I used my car to go to the store, a couple hrs later i tried to use it again and it wouldnt st...
Clarification: manually locking or unlocking doors, be it by key or by hand from inside the car is difficult regardless of weather.
No indication from temp gauge, engine spitting coolant from behind the alarm at the back of engine along the firewall. Overflow had fluid, radiator had fluid. Could hear it bubbling!
The blower motor does not work. Could it be the switch or a fuse? It was intermittent but now doesn't come on at all.
It cuts off after maybe 15 mins of driving. Then takes an hr or more to restart. Could this be a tension belt problem or something else. Please help cause I'm clueless.
Vehicle stalls out and is hard to keep cranked. Sometimes I have to keep the accelerator slightly engaged to keep vehicle from stalling. I have replaced the throttle positioning sensor. Also the engine has a rattle. S...
could it be the switch and if it is where is it located
We have replaced the ignition and the crank sensor. This is the 5th crank sensor put in this car in last few months
i know we aren't suppose to do it.i have done it on older models. know u can't on newer cars.this guy is realy short on money. and other things are wrong with it.
I have replaced the battery but if i dont drive it for a few days it goes dead again. And when i drive it down the road the car dies out an i lose all power. But after i pull over it starts back....
how many quarts of trans fluid does the 91' buick regal use.
Car won't start - cranks and has spark. I measured the fuel pressure @ 40 psi, but don't know if this is within the operating range.
just bought a used 1991 Buick regal sport, decent condition. ran & runs good. first 2 days ...fine. weather turned cold, now lights coming on, check engine. codes for maifold uptake, & 2 other smaller unrelated issues...