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change rear turn signal bulb
Little to no heat from heater; blower runs; started before I changed thermostat - code was set; have tried to bleed air at thermostat valve.
what is the cost of replacing the panel cluster - the rpm and speedometer is malfunctioning
only had this car for a month
My '05 Lesabre makes a squeak or grind sound on the back passenger side when it is rolling in reverse. I've noticed it "jingles" some as well when it is in park and the engine is off in the same place. What could th...
My tachometer guage all of a sudden went from 3 to 6 while I was driving and it as not fast Now it has gone all the way around to the bottom center and barely moves The "check engine" light did not come on and the ...
Diagnostic code P0442
After running my air conditioner blower a few minutes, a knocking or tapping sound will occur, only when I use the blower. My car is regularly serviced and has 90,000 plus miles.
when I turn on my air conditioner or bilevel a faint knocking or clicking sound after a few minutes of running this - does not seem to effect performance but is a concern. My car has 90,000 plus miles and is serviced...
The airbag lights stays on
Not a recurring issue. But a apparently inaccessable bulb.
Is it difficult to replace an oil pressure sensor and where is it located?
Primarily happens when accelerating quickly, however also it just started happening more frequently when I am just driving normally.
While driving, all instrument gauge needles (Speedometer, gas gauge, temp gauge all drop to zero. They jump back on/up but all the indicator (idiot) lights go on. When the needles drop to zero, it also interupts the b...
Replace right front outer tie rod end