I cannot see control buttons at night.

Noticed this week that my engine temperature was running higher than normal and then all of a sudden it was in the red. Let it cool back down for a few hours drove it and the temp rose back up to just below the red. I don't see any signs of leaks. I turned it back on and let it run, the fans don't appear to be running. Not sure if that is the problem or water pump or thermostat. Any help would be useful, Thanks.

What else does this involve? Other belts to be replaced?

I was noticing irratic speeds several times before so does that sound like the blower motor quit.

Last week our '05 Lesabre begin acting up. The cruise control when set at 40mph begin to accelerate on its own until it was turned off. Additionally, the speed gauge does not light up anymore. Is this a simple burned fuse problem? or the beginning of something serious? Thanks for your time.

The car has a load popping noise under the body a shop told us it was the carriage bushing and filled it with grease it stopped for awhile. Figured I could do it myself and save 120 dollars.

readout shows no oil pressure at cold start,drive about 3 miles & it starts reading up & down.then it reads 130#&is ok until you stop & engine cools down.

How do you change spark plugs on fire wall side of 3800
engine Buick leSabre 2005

Anybody ever had a problem with Transmission cooler lines leaking. I took my car for another problem dealer claims to have found that. Anyone know what the repair price on this is?

change rear turn signal bulb

Little to no heat from heater; blower runs; started before I changed thermostat - code was set; have tried to bleed air at thermostat valve.

what is the cost of replacing the panel cluster - the rpm and speedometer is malfunctioning

only had this car for a month

My '05 Lesabre makes a squeak or grind sound on the back passenger side when it is rolling in reverse. I've noticed it "jingles" some as well when it is in park and the engine is off in the same place. What could this be?

My tachometer guage all of a sudden went from 3 to 6 while
I was driving and it as not fast Now it has gone all the way around to the bottom center and barely moves The
"check engine" light did not come on and the car was not
racing What is the problem and how can I fix it? I am a
Senior on a limited income and would like to know how much
to fix it and what is involved