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horn dont work fuses r good ?
vaf,baro map defective vaf defective or dirty,whats all this mean to me
Buick diagnosis listed bearings and motor mounts need to be replaced also service engine soon light on
I drained battery so jumped it, and its fine but volt light still on.
As the fuel becomes less the gauge reads higher than actually is.
this is the first time the controls wouldnt work on drivers side door and window control for backseat left door
On top of motor next to alternator
two horns they dont work ? anyone have an idea?
I can hear the motor of the window regulator working but I'm getting no movement upward. When it first happened I heard a clunk & the window slid down. Do you think that the regulator became detached but still works?...
The power locks and power windows that do function are currently not working, though the power mirror adjust is; the radio normally turns off when the door is open, but it stays on until the time limit is reached when...
the car would randomly cut off and just spin over the windows would stop then a relay would start clicking then eventually the car won't even turn over just sing cause the doors open
This problem has been going on for a while. It sometimes goes into reverse if reverse is downhill. it is slow to go into reverse and doesn't seem to lock in, eg it stops going if you try to go uphill too steeply or sl...
1st happened when in CA. no code set. had plugs, wires and fuel filter changed. no change. drove home to OR and had a misfire when accelerating up hills, entrance to freeway, etc. had shop check here in OR, couldn't f...
no help. no codes set. drove from ca to or and no problems when running at speed. occasional miss when giving it more gas to climb a hill.
Appears to be a Passkey issue but I don't see any flashing light indicating security issue. Got gas but can't get it thru the injectors. Starter turns engine over and tries to start then dies. replaced fuel pump and f...