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car has about 118000 miles on it. This is my friend's car but I have driven it several times and am about to buy it. Hope this is not an expensive problem.
body control module is good but cluster is not reading correct
I changed the thermostat. The fans are not turning on and the fluid does not appear to be circulating. Any advice on where to start? Could it be sensor-related?
I understand the inlet connection requires 2 wrenches. What about removing the front outlet connection?
Does it require a special tool to release the outlet connection?
With the fuel gauge on empty and low fuel light on the DIC "Fuel Range" shows about 100 miles remaining. Can the fuel range be reset. I've tried using the "Reset" button on the DIC panel with no effect.
Can downshift manually with accelerator. Doesn't happen all of the time. Big concern with future problems.
Reservoir is low .what could be the cause can you help
This radio was replaced because there were other lights out on the radio. All the lights on the replacement radio lit up but the numbers. I just had it replaced again and the numbers still don't light up. Shouldn't...
Code 455 comes on. Changed the gas cap. didn't help. I can also smell gas in the cabin.
Gas Guage Goes Past Full when turn ignition on, Check engine light came on, and stayed on, after about one day, after guage went bad
Will a new gas cap turn off service engine light soon off if a new gas cap is the solution?
dont know if it is in heater or controls ?