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I'm trying to remove the front stuts on my 02 LeSabre. The top bolts appear to screw into a nut that is is round and flat. I have no way to hold the nut firmly as I turn the bolt and the whole assembly turns. Is there...
the cover is taken off but now there is a black case surrounding the blower. There are some screws that were removed but still unable to get to the blower.
neither the drivers or passenger side seat heaters will work anymore.
Transmission knocked and shifted hard one (1) time. On two other occasions it slipped and did not move when the gas pedal was depressed. This was confirmed by electronics. How much should it cost to replace the pressu...
was changing a cig lighter fuse,didnt have one went to start car the abs,brake, traction control lights stayed on and tire oressure was not working
I had my 2002 buick lesabre tuned-up last Friday. Today, it took 2 times to start the car. When I filled up with gas, it wouldn't start the first time and then on the second time, it sounded like a back fire and the...
my 02 lesaber used to 27 mpg routinely. now it averages 23 mpg. it runs good.could problem be w/ o2 and mass flow sensors?
Remove & Replace all brake pads & rotors
My check engine light came on this a.m. The previous owner feels that we need a tuneup to include oil change, spark plugs, wires, captain filter, air filter, oil filter. I called around to one guy and they quoted 505....
My left rear power window lift arm has jumped off track. The motor runs and I need to place the arm on the track but I do not know how to remove the panel on this model.
It's a simple maintenance question. I have a license plate light burned out but don't know how to remove the light cover on the trunk lid. There are no screws to remove & no obvious way to remove the cover to get at t...
assuming have to replace regulator/motor. Any guess as to cost?
need to know where the shift control seliniod is located on a 2002 buick lesabre automatic transmission
when engine is still not warm with heater on you get smell of gasoline