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I have a 2001 buick lesabre 82,000 miles. The air on the driver side is warm and the air on the passenger side is cold.
The car was running down the road began to run rough and stopped. The car has low miles (36K). Tried to restart cranked but would not start. Removed plugs and show spark, smell gas when testing for spark with plug rem...
car was running and just died on road what is hooked up to the positive cable side of battery it looks like some hairs of some cable under the positive cable are fried and when you wiggle it it sometimes cranks over l...
engine missing believe fuel pump is acting up
have according to a mechanic and a parts store according to their small hand held computer i have a multi mis fire i did what they suggestewd new wires plugs also switched the coil packs but no change it happens spoi...
After breaking the connector between the front parking brake cable and the intermediate cable, the cable is about an inch and a half too short to replace the connector. There is no adjuster anywhere in any of the cabl...
brakes won't release when care is running, but will release when the car is turned off. How do I fix this?
fuel milage has dropped about 4 miles per gallon
3.8 V6 Buick Le Sabre fuel filter location??
see above what else can cause this problem ?? Thank you
what is cost to replace the thermostat?