This vehicle doenst have dual climate control can this problem be diagnosed with a code reader?

.is it metal or aluminum and is it top or bottom

is there a reasonable price garage in my area of raymond new hampshire 03077

Just had gotten off work pull in garage turned my car off. Came back out maybe 15 minutes later pulled out and my air bag light came on . Now it's not going off .

2001 Buick, La Sabre with automatic level control. The rear shocks were replaced for stiffness and bad ride. 6 months later they are looking bad again. The rear of the car bounces going down the road and rides ruff. It is like the shocks are charged to much. Anyone seen this before?

wont restart till let car sit.

Have replaced O2 sensor, plugs & wires, all 3 coils. And have cleaned the mass air sensor. Nothing has helped. Any suggestions?

no fuse problems. what do you think is the problem? Thanks

Keeps coming on and off not for sure if its the antenna or some thing else

The pcv valve may be located below the MAP sensor but the electrical connector & the MAP sensor seem stuck. I do not want to break them. Should I force it? Am I in the right place for a 2001 buick lasabre? How do I replace the pvc valve?
Thank you,
Phil Morey

My car had been lagging for quite some time almost like there was a problem with the airflow. One day it starting bogging out more than normal, so my girlfriend hit the gas to get it to go. When she did this you could feel it was too much at once and took it a second before it actually caught the right airflow or whatever then it finally got the power it needed and took off down the road. It was fine until we got maybe another 1/2 mile to 1mile if even that far, and we heard a loud noise( kind of like a a lot of built up air pressure being released all at once). Immediately the car exhaust was so loud like I've never heard before. When I looked under the hood, where the exhaust pipe connects to the back of the motor looks like the pipe is not connected on there like it's supposed to be. It's the long pipe that runs up to the motor and connects to the accordion looking pipe. Neither of them are hanging on the ground, the 1 is still sitting in the other it's just resting on it. This is the best I can describe it. I hope this is enuff info for someone to help..???!

On my way to work this morning and car started overheating and smoking. I checked under the hood and the lower hose was dis attached. I attached it back on the radiator, still overheating. On my break today i put on a new thermostat and its still overheating. What are some other options that will at least get me home today. I home is about 40 miles from my job.

AC blows cold air, flow is mostly in the floorboard, even thought the control is set on "mid". Very little air comes out the vents.