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it will spit and sputter and blow black smoke out the exaust

Temp is adjusted by a slide bar. At first bar was on cold /cold air came out. Thermostats open tried to slide it to hot and got cold air. So I check the fuses by pulling them out and now I have only HOT AIR? Is there a bad connection wire under that pot?

My digital meter goes crazy with all kinds of sign symbols or flashes, or does night light up or just lights up in the whole square. Sometimes it happens when I hit a bump.

The radio gets extremely HOT when you are driving for more than an hour. It gets so hot that I am afraid it will catch fire. What can be done to fix it, and how much will it cost?

I just bought the car and after 2 weeks the I'm went bad. The only code that pulled up was bad mad sensor. I noticed the I'm looked like it was recently replaced and the coil tends to get hot the number 1

I need to replace my Cadillac converter in my 2001 Buick LeSabre.

Need price for parts and labor

I installed a stereo in my 2001 LeSabre,my car was running normal when they pulled into the garage. After we finished with the stereo we were going to start it to tune it and see how it sounded, my 01 lasabre wouldn't start. It turn over and sounds like its going to run but it won't engage. I have checked the fuses and put a battery charger on the battery and tested it and it's at 12.6 volts. Please any ideas/advice is appreciated. I don't know what's wrong if it's the car or the stereo? Can you help me?

We installed a Kenwood DDX-319 in the car. After we were finished we tried to start it, it turns over & sounds like it is gonna start but it wont. It has backfired a couple times when I try to start it again, it was running normal before this. Could I have done something installing the stereo to cause the car to do this? I have checked the fuses, the volts in the battery are normal, not sure what to look at next. It will not engage and stay running so I cant take it anywhere, Please any and all advice/ideas would be welcome as I am overthinking this and cant come up with anything!! Thanks in advance

my '94 got around 30 32 on highwy. so was expecting the same about. It runs great starts right up but the mileage is awful! what to do ???filters ? computer read out doesn't show anything check engine light is not on.Thanks for your help.

Anyone had any similar problems?

For example, i put the key in the ignition and it will not start unless i give it gas. I have even trued jumping it and still no effect? I have replaced the battery, alternator, MAP, MAF, IAC, and TPS sensors.

Check Charging system error. Test indicate bad battery and bad voltage regulator. However when jumped off other car with good battery the alternator IS producing and guage reads that it is charging... If started from car (bad) battery no charge is indicated.
Could the bad battery be causing the voltage regulator from kicking "in"?

In short, if I replace the battery is there a chance that alternator will work?