Almost all lights are lit up on the dash and stays on and car idles high at start then idles down after a few seconds

When the AC or heat is on hot air is comming out passengers side. Cold on drivers side most of the time. What is wrong? How do I fix the problem?

I drained battery so jumped it, and its fine but volt light still on.

it will spit and sputter and blow black smoke out the exaust

Temp is adjusted by a slide bar. At first bar was on cold /cold air came out. Thermostats open tried to slide it to hot and got cold air. So I check the fuses by pulling them out and now I have only HOT AIR? Is there a bad connection wire under that pot?

My digital meter goes crazy with all kinds of sign symbols or flashes, or does night light up or just lights up in the whole square. Sometimes it happens when I hit a bump.

The radio gets extremely HOT when you are driving for more than an hour. It gets so hot that I am afraid it will catch fire. What can be done to fix it, and how much will it cost?

I just bought the car and after 2 weeks the I'm went bad. The only code that pulled up was bad mad sensor. I noticed the I'm looked like it was recently replaced and the coil tends to get hot the number 1

I need to replace my Cadillac converter in my 2001 Buick LeSabre.