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horn dont work fuses r good ?
two horns they dont work ? anyone have an idea?
will start back up...sometimes quickly and sometimes it has to sit for a while...looks like exhaust manifold is spraying out some sort of vapor and friend says air compressor bearings are going out.no rear suspension ...
The car will start most of the time but when I drive randomly the electric stuff will turn off like the radio, gauges, electric door locks and window and I can't figure out what is causing this.
PO717 trans shop removed trans and said torque converter damaged trans requiring $2400 rebuild.How is this possible.I think bait and switch tactic is being used here
I have replaced coil pack and crank censor and after I drove it for about 4 miles it did it again. My codes are P 0303 and P 0336
Car starts and I drive for a day or so then the car will not start. Tried both keys and the same thing happens. Is it the key security chip or maybe you have had the problem with the Key or the security system in the...
i took my car into pepboys due to the steering being hard,they diagnosed my car and said i needed a new power steering pump so they replaced it and i still had the problem,so they found out that pump was defective,aft...