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vaf,baro map defective vaf defective or dirty,whats all this mean to me
On top of motor next to alternator
the car would randomly cut off and just spin over the windows would stop then a relay would start clicking then eventually the car won't even turn over just sing cause the doors open
no set pattern.sometimes a transmission shift will cause it to work or even quit.
Were is the ingition module on a 97 Buick Lasabre 3.8
i have been having hesitation during acceleration and when I'm been going uphill.before it started I have my car to spit,sputter and quit on me with the check engine light on, waited bout 20-30 min.car would start aga...
I just drove the car home (over an hour drive) and turned the car off, awhile later I tryied to start it but it would not run. The car has new spark plugs, new fule pump, and a two year old battery. The igniter works ...
97 Buick LeSabre ,wont shift out of park when cold or intermittent. Is this a shit cable problem or B.T.S.I.solenoid problem ?
Cruise does not work is this electrical or in The turn signal handle ?
Car was running totally fine until I went to start it and the motor wouldn't crank and I heard a god awful grinding kind of noise. I don't know how to describe the sound but all my accessories work just fine but car w...
My car alarm goes off at random times. How do I disarm it