1994 Buick LeSabre Questions

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cant find the air filter but when i do im going to replace with an H&K

ticking sound behind glove box. can be heard while sitting in car. eventually it drains the battery completely.

why is heater air on drivers side considerably cooler than on passenger side

there are several wires in the fuel pump loom, which one (color of wire)is supposed to be the hot wire for the fuel pump so I can test it and see if it will run or not

Just want to know why I can not get the piston on the caliper to retract and how this tool comes into play

where is the fuel filter located on a 1994 buick lesabre?

air cond. cuts off after running good and cold for a while, I let it cool off for a while and the cluch will ingage again and cool for a little while, is there a high & low switch somewhere if so where is it located?

Have had the car stall when service engine light comes on, other wise it will keep running but will hesitate or act as if it is missing.(chugs). This is only at times then runs fin when it does stall it starts right back up and runs fine. Have already replaced cranck senser

My dashboard temp. guage not working,need to check the
temp. control sending unit,but do not know where its located.

Horn button sticks because the rubber covering the air bag is putting pressure on the button which is directly making the horn blow without pressing. i tried getting a brand new air bag, no luck. I bought a used bag and it is also acting up.mind you, when horn button is disconnected, no more sticking horn. i want to resolve this matter. i tried shaving off some of the high spots in the rubber cover, it worked for a while but it's acting up again. Any ideas?

My Temperature gauge on dashboard not working but the other guages work ok.

My Temperature donot work on dashboard but my other guages
are working.

How do you change the FRONT stock Speakers?

my 1st time, please bear with me. 3800 eng. misses on #6 in dry weather(in phx., almost always), runs great when raining. have had car for 2 yr's., & this is consistent. traced miss to loss of ground-signal to inj. from e.c.m., but don't want to change it as rain solves problem?

When the vehicle slows down or stops, and then the gas is pressed again, the car will hesitate and some times stall out all together. When the gas finally kicks in there is a strong jerk forward if you do not feather the gas pedal. What could be causing this problem?