1994 Buick LeSabre Questions

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headlights stay on when key is turned off---kills the battery

The sound comes from the motor and it doesnt go away. A few people said it needs oil which i know it needs an oil change but will this sound go away ?

I've replaced dude and added 1.5 cans freeon

I replaced the fuel pump, fuse and relay. I still hear nothing from the pump when I turn the key forward

Put a new fuel pump in tank. Now it's driving very badly. Skipping, jumping does not wanna go when I mash the gas pedal. Can you please tell me what to check to fix it

I have a 94' Buick Lesabre Custom that just started making a fluttering/clicking sound while I'm driving. The sound is much louder when I brake and it sounds like it's coming from the rear end of the car but I could be wrong. I was told it could be a U Joint but then I found out that model doesn't have a U Joint. Can anyone give me a better answer than brakes and rotors? Or more reasoning behind what might be wrong?

88 chev caprice 305 computer carb starts easy runs then dies. (car had a broken starter, replaced, ignition module cap, fule filter,pump) TPS seems to test ok, O2 sensor tested low 0-5.8v, ECM fuse ok but light in car dose not come on at all. Dose not give any read out with paper clip. Carb inside solenoid clicks on and off, unplugged car runs but smoky, green test plug no signal w Dwell meeter. Car can move if I keep the gas on but not road able. Wont run long until it dies, starts right back up Carb was rebuilt several years ago.

Appears to be a Passkey issue but I don't see any flashing light indicating security issue. Got gas but can't get it thru the injectors. Starter turns engine over and tries to start then dies. replaced fuel pump and filter and just about everything else.

Stalls all the time and sometimes runs like it has bad gas it always starts right back up, but now 2-3 times a day when I get in and start it , it wont even turn over and dashlights all come on but just bought a new battery

It always starts back up, but now it wont start 2-3 times a day unless you keep trying at least 5 times, it wont turn over at all but the dash lights work, plus sometimes going down the road it feels like you really gotta push on the gas to get it to go, when Im coasting or geting ready to make a turn is when it usually shuts off, but I never have a problem restarting it then, FYI just bought a brand new battery

im having a time trying to replace the fan relay where is the relay location

The car has 115,000 miles and I've had no problems with the power windows. all four windows are up. I pulled the circuit breaker or fuse whichever it is and it was extremely hot. The auto parts stores in town could not match it up due to the offset prongs. I wouldn't imagine all four motors would go out of the same time but don't know if that maybe could be the switch? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks