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i don't know what its called but where the linkage cable hooks onto transmission seems to be locked up, i need help asap
I have had this car over the summer, and it was okay. I started driving it in the school year/end of summer when it would start to die a little while after driving. Three lights would flash on the dash (volts, oil, an...
It will turn over but won't fire I replaced one of the spark plug cylnoid and still wouldn't start twisted the wires started drove around block twice then stalled fired up ran again for short distance stalled again al...
After having some work done on my radiator, it being removed and put back on my hood wouldn't open. After hours of trying we force it open. My car was running before when the hood was opened. The airbag sensor was hit...
it won't go in reverse either. it happens more so in the cold but it seems to be happening more and more. It eventually kicks in and drives normal. the car belonged to my mother and it only has 90,100 miles on it.
I know trouble code 13 is an O2 sensor, but what is code 61
On my car I have brake lights and turn signals but no running lights. Headlights work fine. Do I need to replace the headlight switch or turn signal switch?
No sercurity light comes on when key on turned on, the lock cylinder and key has been replaced also new battery and starter. All fuses are good. Car has been sitting for bout a year.