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According to the test results, my car is a GROSS POLLUTER. it shows the following FAILS; 1.) Fuel Cap Functional 2.) Fuel Cap Visual 3.) Fuel Evaporative Controls Functional 4.) Fuel Evaporative Controls The AS...
Check all fuses and replaced fuel pump and filter. Spray starter fluid and car start but want continue to run
i want to know if its my vaccum lines or something elose
How much would it be to change a cam position sensor if i bought the part myself
changed cam & crank sensors - still no spark in any of the wiring to the coil pack - where is the "engine control module" on this car. can't find info online - please help
I've tried looking for it on the valve cover; but still cannot locate it.
This only happens when the weather is hot and has been running for a while. NEVER in cold weather. I was on the hwy for about an hour when it started stalling like it could not get any gas(the take was full) It will s...
All of my windows will go down but not always go back up. They go up and down very slowly. The drivers side window will barely go down and than will take days to go back up. I dont know what to replace or where to statrt
thisngs are rusty in the brake area
ther'es a small leak from where the line from radiator line meets the hose that goes to the tranny