as you drive it seems to die, like not enough gas......

My mom had a 1988 Buick LeSabre and she has to usually (but not always) press the brake pedal to the floor to get her brakes to work. She managed to get the car to the shop and after evaluation, the shop determined that her brakes were fine, no leaking brake fluid and stated..."Needs new R/F wheel speed ABS sensor. Sensor wire is cut or damaged."...After many attempts, on their part and my and my husband's parts, it has clearly been determined that this "R/F wheel speed ABS sensor" has been discontinued for the 1988 Buick LeSabre and CANNOT be found ANYWHERE! Does this sound right to you? Would this sensor cause problems with the brakes? Would it cause brake failure?What should we do since the sensors have been discontinued? Is there a "universal" sensor that can be used on her car? My mom is 82 years old and we want her to be completely safe and worry free! Any input that you can provide is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

also changed timing chain aligned correct marks. checked balancer for bad fins. I'm running out of places to look. connectors have no bent pins. all above have been re and rechecked.

changed cam and crank sensor and igniter under coil pack. still no spark

I went also open it manually. The poor thing has less than 50,000 miles. Actually belongs to an 86 yr old neighbor.

It started yesterday I was sitting in idle and it died since then havnt got it to run more than 5 mins and can't even do that without constantly giving it gas I've check fuel filter fuel pump and relays I've heard mybe check the crankshaft sensor need to check fuel regulator anymore ideas of what to check it also has new maf sensor

there r 6 wires tan, blue&white ,blue.,blk blue red & soild blk and i need to kn how to hook them up to my switch.

belt looks good no nicks or cracks. does 1 of the pulleys have a tension spring or do I need a certain tool?

It started and ran fine, then I parked it for an hour and have the problem above. Connected spark plug tester and ignition is functioning. Connected "noid" tester to injector harness and it blinks when engine turned over (injectors receiving pulses). Fuel pressure tested at 42 psi at fuel rail. So it's getting sparks, has adequate fuel pressure and the injectors are receiving "pulses" to operate. Removed a plug & it has good color and is not fouled. TPS sensor has .46 volts at idle and 4.8 at wide open throttle (working properly). Does anyone have an idea as to what the problem might be that would still result in the conditions above ?

I changed the plugs wires an coil