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check engine light is on code says its the cat.conv. is there a fix besides replacing
The car can be turned off and locked it still happens
Several gm v6 engines had a new timing chain design and the chains stretched and failed prematurely. Not sure when GM fixed it. I know that the 2009 3.6 engine had the problem. Not sure about the 3.0 though. They s...
The above fusible link FL-0, on my 2010 Buick Lacrosse 3.0L, V6, broke off while disconnecting the negative battery terminal lug to change out the battery. It has soldered electrical eyelet that I can not replace so ...
When I was driving I noticed my air condition would not come on, but blowing warm air, indicator on the car I noticed, shown that the air condition wouldn't come on due to the engine being to hot. The gauge did not r...
I have to unplug the battery. I needed and oil change and got that but the guy notice I didnt have any coolant. Helllppp
I have low air pressure coming out of the passenger air vent. The warranty company says its a "Trim" issue so it is not coverd. I feel as if it should be covered, any comments will help, thanks
how do i fix the air bag so the service air bag sign won't appear on the dash?
I have read the manual and I still am not sure what exactly is the problem.
How the United States automobile quality?
Driver side window will only stay closed only if I hold the power window control in the up position. If I only tap the power window control once the window will close then immediately open as the window reaches the to...
remove and replace headlight assembly on a 2010 Buick LaCrosse
I always use synthetic oil when I get my oil change but when left at the dealer for some repairs they put in regular oil by mistake and said you can do this with no problem to the car. I s this true or should I go ba...
The steering rack has been replaced.That corrected the "clunk" sound but the strut still makes noise on a bumpy road surface,