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check engine light is on code says its the cat.conv. is there a fix besides replacing
We had the clunking sound that I have read on some of the reviews. I had taken the car back to the dealership several times as the car smelled like someone had vomited in it. I felt like something was leaking and ge...
Car will stall while driving. Sometimes won't restart. At other times starts back up. Buick dealership has checked it. No computer codes register. It even stalled on their service manager driving it into the serv...
range for this type of problem? Throttle Body or water pump
The car can be turned off and locked it still happens
My sunroof want close flush, what can I do to fix, and what do I look for?
I was told normally there is a cause for the converter to go out.
My 2005 Lacrosse will bog down while driving on the highway and have great difficulty in accelerating when at a complete stop. While in park the RPM will accelerate but the motor will not rev. I am really at a loss on...
Several gm v6 engines had a new timing chain design and the chains stretched and failed prematurely. Not sure when GM fixed it. I know that the 2009 3.6 engine had the problem. Not sure about the 3.0 though. They s...
Yesterday it would turn on at first. After 5 minutes it clicked on and worked great. Today. .... nothing
at the same time the traction system light and the car slows down.
My engine light was on due to the thermostat? I had my mechanic change it and STILL the engine light is on. Could somebody tell me what to do? Also my tires shake when I brake. Could this be my rotors? Brakes?
I have a misfire on the 4th cylinder on my 08' Buick Lacrosse CX v6 3.8. I've given it a tune up (spark plugs, plug wires, air filter, oil filter, camshaft sensor, #2 o2 sensor b/c code came up for this) and I've repl...
I cannot stop the car to park or start the car. have to use the Neutral and emergency brake to park the car. I don't nothing about about the car except put in gas and go.
water pump failed hot water made constant contact to CPS car stalls after it gets hot now that the water pump has been replaced