Fuses were ok. Guessing it might be bad blower control module, blower control resister, or bad blower, or some relay or large fuse.

How will I know if im getting the repairpal fair price at one of your certified shops.Do im mention repairpal

Maybe once or twice a week, according to how much i drive the car, when i put the car in reverse the brakes grab for a minute then release..... when this happens the message board says "traction control active"... then it goes off until it does it again.... no code lights up and it only does every once in a while when i put the car into reverse... going forward everything is normal!!!

On a 10 ( ten ) mile drive my 2007 Buick Lacrosse's check oil level dip stick is b finger burning HOT ! Any input or advice welcome. Thanks

Yesterday it would turn on at first. After 5 minutes it clicked on and worked great. Today. .... nothing

My engine light was on due to the thermostat? I had my mechanic change it and STILL the engine light is on. Could somebody tell me what to do? Also my tires shake when I brake. Could this be my rotors? Brakes?

After we had the car flushed,we still didn't have heat,until the next day, we had heat, just until the weather got cold again. The heater works fine above 20 degrees, anything below 20 degrees, it will not heat up.If the car heats up in warm weather, doesn't it mean the heater core is okay? What else could we try?