I have new tires, want to make them last for as long as possible.

Just seems there must be a leak but I can't find it.

Happens every time, just goes from 1/4 full to E and sounds the alarm.

Repaired or replaced?

when i turn the car oof sometimes it sounds like boiling water under the hood and when i lift the hood to check the coolent the cap be so hot that i cant even touch it..and it also has a fan clucking sound now

What is causing my front panel to be out. Do I need to replace a fuse. If so which fuse.. the fuse box is very confessing.

Lock mechanism works but door won't open

Why do engineers make it so hard to work on cars? The pressure hose for the power steering was the worst hose I have ever done.. It should not take three hours to change a hose.