Car has lights , but won't start until I cross jump the wire from the starter. Then it will start the rest of the day

Hear sound of a "geiger counter" from a tiny speaker on righthand side of ignition. Noticed it this morning upon turning key one click before turning over and throughout entire drive until key removal.

Car also has a 'sluggish' acceleration.

How do I tighten my tentioner. If my belt is good. And it whistles?. And does it need to be on the middle line indicatedindicated.

My engine went out in my 2005 Buick Lacrosse. I am looking for used engines online and am having a hard time locating a 3.6 liter. Can I get a 3.8 liter engine installed and if so what extra will I need in order to do so i.e. transmission change, computer, etc.?

Noone seems to find the problem please help me i have a toddler that ride in that car

Lock will neither lock or unlock using key fob but does work manually. I have auto experience and can test and repair or replace if I can get the panel off without destroying anything.

Lowbeams, center console, all right side speakers don't work. Also interior back lights don't work. No heat or a/c, just blows air from engine compartment. When first got car would get a shock every time I touched it. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

Newly purchased Lacrosse shows the check engine light when the key is turned but the car is off. It shows all the warning lights which all disappear except the check engine light. As soon as the car starts, the light goes out. Stupid question I know, but I was wondering if this is a normal occurrence. Thanks!