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The aux for the back seat would stay working when you plug in a head, set at the same time the noise for the direction signal would quite. The same thing doesn't always get it back on
I took my car in to the dealer - tune up. Oil change and they replaced the power steering fluid. I drove it the next day and there was noise and felt like the suspension was off. Took it right back to the dealer and n...
My Driver Instrument Control shows also low mph but even that doesn't sound right. It has been back to dealer several times and cannot find anything. Highway is 17, 18. I have used a loaner for a day and the DIC show...
The manual shows flushing and replacing the brake fluid at 30,000 miles/2years.
The dealer charged me $1,218 which seems excessive. Is there any justification for this.
It almost feels like when you have the cruise control on and it doesn't quite catch up (like on a hill), but this is happening with no cruise control on, and it has happened on level streets at around 20-30 mph.
What is the + or - on the shift lever used for?
The manual says that the rubber inserts in the cupholders on the Buick Enclave are removable. I can't get them out. Does anyone know how to remove them? Thanks.