oil pressure is fine .changed oil recently

Heated seats not working also auto start not working or park assist disabled

What needs repairing and the cost of repair. Repair code C0267

My enclave was driven with no oil and water so it overheated and shut off. I was told to have the drivers park it and have it towed but the mechanics that towed it did not have the knowledge to fix it. When it was turned on it shook violently then shuts off after a minute then wont turn on again. Please tell me whats wrong and how much it'll be to fix

my buick was driven around on with no oil or coolent in the engine. i was told it overheated and just shut off and started smoking. The person driving kept trying to turn it back on without oil and coolent and later parked it to get a tow. When i went to look at it i was told they tried putting in oil and water so i turned on the car on to look at the notifications. the car engine was shaking and i believe there was coolent and oil leaking on the ground, i have not tried starting since. so my question is what could be the problem and how much is it to fix.

Vehicle missing on load and over 65 m/h. Not all the times. Checked the coolant and found was low. Added coolant and so far the missing has stopped.

Front lower seat frame fracture

cost to replace tubing to rear air conditioner

The AC is cooling, no problem there, and I can get cold air from to defroster vents and floor vents in the front, but it is no really blowing from the vents in the dash. This just started today

The outside temps are in mid 90's, Coolant rez is full. No odd noises.

the check engine light goes out after I remove the negative battery terminal, but comes back on after driving for about a week. auto zone tested it and gave me the code po451.

Recently, my Enclave has started making a loud, high pitched screeching noise when going backwards, in reverse and in neutral if coasting. It makes no noise going forward. Anyone have an idea?

after each is displayed it then reads something about power is reduced- What or why would this be displayed --what type of service is needed.

About 6 mos. ago a/c would not engage. Took it to the dealer and they found a small plastic gear broken in some part and replaced it. I think it some kind of actuator problem.

The noise seems to be on driver's rear toward wheel..seems to occur after car sits for half hour or so...always during the first 50 yards or so..Dealer is telling it is normal and is brakes self adjustment checking.?? Car has 425 miles on it, did it while driving off lot new?

No matter what my temperature settings are on the passenger side continues to blow only cold air. The driver side will change with temperature settings from hot to cold but passenger side remains the same,cold only.

it is better since we got new tires and an alignment but still does it once in a while.

I have the valve body out I just want to make sure I change the correct solenoid

Water pump recently replaced by dealer and all fluids are at right levels. Problem just started and no warning lights are on.

i replace this part but in 15 days fail again , i need to know if schedule this part before switch on the car? thank you

After backing out..when u go forward in Drive,the Steering wheel is hard to turn..& it has Power steering fluid already in it

I have had to replace my air conditioning system twice in the last 3 years

What causes a squeaky sound in the wheels when the car turns?

I'm doing this to access the lower hose on the radiator