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can a leaky water pump cause your steering wheel to lock up when you come to a complete stop (FYI) i just had my car serviced because my power steering was failing.
I replaced the purge solenoid under the hood that didn't help. I don't have to fill up it does it when I put 3 gallons in. I have a code po451.I need to know where the vent valve solenoid and canister are. Or would th...
Is it true that all buicks have this tic. They are saying that it is the direct injection.
Do you need to change the whole unit if your struts are still good and not leaking but the mount is causing a knocking noise on bumpy roads? Why can't you change only the mount and keep the struts you have?
Sister's car is getting a failure/shut-down prompt for overheating, even when driving less than a mile in avg temps with a cool engine. Thinking this is a T-Stat issue, so wondering how difficult this is to replace? ...
pump not working needs to be repalced
The radio knobs do seem to just pull off.
which fuse controls the cigarette ligher in the front seat
AC front blower stop working.The rear seats blower is working good. What could be the problem?