My check engine light will come on after idling for 10 minutes sometimes. When this happens and I then drive my Buick tends to have less power and a quiet winding noise, when I push on the gas pedal there isn't much power, and my Rpms move up. At other times my check engine light does not come on after idling. Sometimes when it's been on in the morning and the vehicle has been shut off for a few hours the light will be on when I start it again, other times the light is off.

oil pressure is fine .changed oil recently

Heated seats not working also auto start not working or park assist disabled

I have the valve body out I just want to make sure I change the correct solenoid

Water pump recently replaced by dealer and all fluids are at right levels. Problem just started and no warning lights are on.

After backing out..when u go forward in Drive,the Steering wheel is hard to turn..& it has Power steering fluid already in it

What causes a squeaky sound in the wheels when the car turns?

i only had the enclave for 4 months and im having transmission problems problems. Had it tow to king Cadillac which they had it over 3week's now replace wave plates and truck still not shifting right. Any help pleasure

If it can, how is it accomplished.

It feels similar to being wind blown.

Replaced the bps and then after driving the abs and traction light came on. Was told it needs to be calibrated.

Ice is collecting on the lower hinge side of both front doors making it so we cannot open either door very far before it begins to bend the exterior door molding. what would cause ice to pack in there. I've never dealt with this on any vehicle before.

Turning on Heater car will be warm but the Heater will start blowing Cold

it starts when going up incline or transmission shifts.