My centurys temperature gauge began to go back and forth recently. It has coolant in it. I had the car for seven years. I had the water pump changed about 2 years ago. Coolant flush 2 years ago. The fans kick on when it starts to over heat. The radiator does have rocks in it and a lilttle bent up. Im sure why this is happening but would like some advice!!!

I have a 2002 Buick Century Limited edition and the gas gage has been going crazy. If I sit for a minute on a hill it reads no gas and then the dinging goes off to tell me that I have no gas....But if I fill it all the way up its fine....Until it gets to about 3/4 of a tank then that's when it goes crazy....I never really know how much gas I have do to this....Please help....Its been doing this for a while now....Thank you.....Jennifer

Climate controls seem to be operating fine. When the problem 1st began, it went back to blowing cool 2 days later w/o any repairs.

Yesterday i went to start my car and no sound nothing , no lights came on just dead. So we took the battery to autozone to get it charged and put battery in and viola it started. Now that is has sat overnight battery is back drained. We just got our alternator rebuilt so we believe the starter is causing the problem. Could that be the case?? I dont kno what else could drain a battery overnight like this.

Recently bought a cabin air filter from autozone told them the make, year and model of the car and the filter was the wrong size. I threw away the old filter because i didnt think i would have this problem. Now i have no clue what size filter to get. The only option i have is to go to a junk yard and get one off another buick century

AC does not blow cold air. Went to a shop to get it recharged and was told there is a leak. From my assumption it is tge radiator because coolant does stay in there long. Leaks out after a few days. Also tried using R134 can of refrigerant and it did nit work either. Some advice would be helpful.

I went to get my ac recharged at a shop and was told it was a leak. I believe its the radiator that leaks because coolant does not stay in the car for long within a couple days its all gone.Also we tried recharging with R134 can and that did not work either. Any help would be nice!

took car for drive and it stopped running. Just shut down??

Temperature gage is at halfway point and no Temperature light is coming on but after driving I turned off engine then the antifreeze started boiling. It first happened a few days ago but only did it one time that day and now it's doing it again today. The temperature hand always go above the normal point when sitting idle but when you start to drive again it go back down. I sat with the hood up with the car running and both of my fans is working. What could this be???

i changed my thermostat, new water pump when the car registers hot i can take the radiator cap off and it doesnt boil or seem to be hot but i have to add water cause the radiator is empty i just dont get it what could this be? cant go three blocks and its hot everytime i drive it