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Replace relay it start, and security light stay on. Drove car 8 hours later same thing.
Then if you let it sit and not running for about 10 minutes it will go again. Something in the transmission gets hot and shuts down until it cools off and then you can go again???
Then it will come back on, starts working. My brothers car. I am not sure I worded it right. Person on right passenger freezes, driver very hot. Thank you
I have to reset my trip miles every 300 miles beacuse my gas gage dont work it goes from full to empty to half tank in one day and want to know how to fix it by my self instead a auto shop
So my AC is blowing really cold and I was even told by a mechanic and also by my uncle that its the Blend door that needs replaced....However I went to go get it from the auto parts store and there was a $100 differen...
the front passenger wheel wobbl the front passenger wheel wobbles a lot and pulls to the right side why is this?
I noticed something with my car and I asked my b/f to look at it real quick and he said I have a leaking rack and pinion....Any idea on how much it will cost and what exactly needs done....Also is it safe to drive?? I...
I have rusted rocker panels on both sides of the car. I wanted to know how much will cost to repair them.
I have done this twice and it gets bent again especially when it snows hard and it has build up of ice and snow. I have fixed once to where it catches it. then recently it snowed and I thought I got all the snow off b...
I replaced the trans wip assembly, the wipers worked a week...on,y on high...pass side stopped working then the driver side...the motor is trying to work...my signals still work, any suggestions on what the problem ma...
I just noticed I have a little ticking noise under the hood it sounds like its coming from the engine but I am not sure I am hoping one of you guys can help me thanks