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91 Custom: Did the following: 1. Tested fan still works 2. Replaced Temp Sensor 3. Replaced the Thermostat 4. NO Trouble Codes 5. Tested ECM ( by unplugging he MAF Sensor, this caused trouble code car -car ran er...
Jumped wire from starter to battery it started up took wire off it died what is wrong is it pcm
i changed my thermostat, new water pump when the car registers hot i can take the radiator cap off and it doesnt boil or seem to be hot but i have to add water cause the radiator is empty i just dont get it what could...
This started about a year ago with the passenger seat belt/airbag light staying on. It goes on and off for no reason even in park. Sent the cluster out 3 times, they say there is nothing wrong with it..check the main...
The man tell me it just got new heads on it runs good only a Lil smoke
I fixed the thermostat put stop leak in, change waterpump it still is getting hot an when i stop it just poors out underhood drivers side could it be the radiator or heatercore or sensor what im puzzled need advise?
Just acquired this car and discovered the cruise would not come on. The Antilock Brake System yellow warning light was on.
the ac will start cool and then after a while just blow warm air and when sitting in traffic the temp starts to slowly increase
I fixed the alternator and changed the spark plugs, change the ignition module and my starter is good. I have a push button from the starter to the battery and it turns over but won't start please help
no I replaced water pump and radiator thermisthed water hoses.
I turn my head lights on and only the driver side low beam works I turn the high beam on and the passenger side works only I have no low beam lights??
Won't enter program mode for new key fobs, no 3 beep for program mode. And when locking with car door button it chirps 3 times but no lock till hit button again, every time. Horn does not work also. Just bought car...
What is the labor cost for a front brake job on a 98 Buick century?
If it is a sensor where is it located on the cooling system
I changed the Heater/Ac door actuator motor but it didn't fix the problem. Any other suggestions??