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The man tell me it just got new heads on it runs good only a Lil smoke
When driving the car for more than an hour, the car seems to lurch when speeding up from the first couple of gears. I am also told that the car needs a new egr valve and that its stuck open. Would this have anything t...
fluid turns a very creamy tan color, steering is very hard until fluid is topped off. What could be the issue?
Garage said codes are for the 2 parts above. Said that they need replaced. He also said that intake manifold is leaking but at a rate so slow it will never be a problem. So he's not going to replace the intake manifo...
i replaced the headlight switch,but it did;nt work.
I can go about 60 miles then it will die wait bout 15 minutes it starts gain and then it dies about evert 5 miles my security light is on and also when it fies all dh bord lights come on then they go off nd the only ...
Temp control doesn't work, continuously blows hot air through vents.
Fist it was codes p01401 n p0404 replaced egr valve n catalyst converter erased the codes and was fine for a few days but now I got code p0401???
checked everything I can find but no results with anything...was wondering about an in-line fuse somewhere
How to reset warning lights on instrument panel say like coolant low tire low. fixed issues but light is still lite up