2000 Buick Century Questions

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replace the complete wiper assembly

The car will go in reverse & 1 and 2 but not in Drive or 3. There's 166,000 miles on it. I've been told twice that the transmission on these Buicks are not repairable & it will have to be replaced. blue value = $995. transmission=$1450. whats the smart thing to do?

there is no reading for odometer

Have changed the head gasket , water pump, flushed the system ,replace the radiator hoses, thermostat . but it still heats up from time to time, completed work on it 2 days ago. Help Please.

Had to jump start car after battery died, once restarted, nothing on the control panel works including gas gauge, speedometer, temperature gauge, radio etc

Service engine light on and went off on own prior to coil and filter can I unclog cat? Told replace

later went to start it and started right up. there is little lag in the starting but has started each time. this happened about a week ago. worried if it is the starter, ignition switch or gear range finder in tranny.

Front wheels are locked will not turn. Not forward nor reverse.

I fixed the thermostat put stop leak in, change waterpump it still is getting hot an when i stop it just poors out underhood drivers side could it be the radiator or heatercore or sensor what im puzzled need advise?