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the traction light blinks on and off,and it becomes harder to control the car. Could the traction control be deactivated or possibly the tie rods are bad? Could you help me with a fix. Thank you.
What is the labor cost for a front brake job on a 98 Buick century?
I changed the Heater/Ac door actuator motor but it didn't fix the problem. Any other suggestions??
It's only a couple miles each way and I can't afford to fix it for 5 days or so. It just broke. It broke on the passenger side right at the end of the bar where it connects to the control arm. Please let me know. It i...
Mechanic says A/C actuator ?blade? is stuck and must be replaced. Also needs frion charged, A/C system vacuum, and oil compressor???? Does this sound correct? Is $385.00 a competitive price for this work? Thanks.
Automatic Transmission, fluid full, won't go into second gear.
So at first my car started jerking very bad after a 2 hour trip right after replacing my starter which was never bad I just figured I'd replace it bc it was old when accelerating from 0-45 mph it would jerk very bad ...
I went through a water puddle that was deeper than I thought. Since then my blower only works on high and doesn't always come through the dash vents. I am trying to figure out if it is the blower motor or the blower...
problem with horn and dash not working, checked all fuses and relays, all good, need some more areas to check, is there a fusiable link to these and if so, where is it located ?
checked all fuses and relays and they are good, unpluged wire harness from dash and repluged, no luck