I have a 1997 Buick Century 3100. My problem is that the car starts off ok for the first 20 - 30 minutes, after that when the engine is warm/hot the transmission starts to slip and eventually the transmission will stop driving the car even though it is in gear. Can anyone tell me what the problem is. Thank you.

About to buy a 1997 buick century.. Need to know the cost to fix the digital gauge before buying!

Now I can see everything on the odometer just can't see the miles on it nor when I I put it in park,drive, reverse, neutral. So what could be the problem

Since I purchased the car around a year ago, there has been a noticeable situation when backing out of driveways, parking spots, etc. It seems like there is a momentary clicking near the front brake/tire area that I'm assuming is some sort of additional release because, at the exact time that happens, the brake pedal also depresses allowing it (and my foot with it) to get closer to the car's floorboard. It's similar to having to bleed the brake lines, only this instance only lasts for a moment, only when backing out, and only if the car is operating on a new start/ignition. If you leave the car running prior to backing out, the problem does not exist.

Additionally, about 10% of the time, when the clicking occurs, the display panel lights indicating BRAKE and ABS will come on and the steering gets a little tighter. The only way to rid that situation is to shut off and restart the vehicle.

I've yet to find a solution to this. Any takers? Thank you in advance.

When I start the car it makes a funny sound like it choking or something

brake and turn signal lamps still work is problem in the bulb sockets or a possible broken ground wire. thanks for any help

When I check the system with a scanner at my local mechanic the code that appears is PO420. This car has a 3.1 v6 with automatic transmission. If anyone has encountered the same problem please e-mail any suggestions to correct the problem. Thank you and may you have a Blessed Day.

Just had upper and lower intake gaskets replased with Fal pro gaskets today for 500 bucks to find out the coolant is still leaking from somewhere behind the alternator. Timing cover? Is this gonna be expensive to get fixed? There's only 60,000 mi. on car. 97 century.. any ideas are welcome. Cant afford to fix any more things that are NOT broke!... :/

my driver seat switch went out, and i want to replace it with a new one.

- hot air out on the passenger side. ( Note:I have replaced the delco control unit model # 16244754 because all of the back ground lights were out). Now with the new /used delco control unit model # 16244754 I have all of the back ground lights working, but I still have the same problem as before I replaced control unit on the bright side I have lights.