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well I was driving down the road set my cruise at 60 all of a sudden i saw my mph decline and all my internal lights stayed the same radio still on my car just lost power steering and i pulled over went to start it ag...
The drivers side strut blew and sprayed fluid all over the brakes. Now the rear drivers side brake is locked up. Any advice as to what the problem might be?
air condition was working and blowing cold air, then it was blowing hot air,whats wrong?
The noise hums higher when I press on the gas and decreases when I let off. I am also smelling a burning fuel smell and my "Brake" and "Anti-Lock" light are now on. I had my fuel filter replaced when the tensioner was...
The car still ran, I returned to same shop this morning as they fixed it last time with my advice after extensive research that it was the coil. The mechanic is no longer there, and they have no records and they seem ...
Just typical price ... not expecting and exact quote. I am just researching and weighing options.
This is the first problem I have had with the car besides basic oil change and tune up.
I was waiting for my food at burger king with the engine still running and all of the sudden it just stopped. when i went to crank it up a started again but made a crackling noise. I turned it off waited and went to s...
I have not looked at the windows yet, but need to know how tough it will be to get to them and repair any problems with electric windows I might come across.
I'm trying figure out why my A/C is not working correctly. It works on normal while driving, but not setting still. The compressor cluth does not engauge.
i looked up the labor for both and wasnt sure why it took longer for an air filter than a fuel filter