When I drive my brothers Buick after starting engine I put it in reverse and sometimes it acts like there's a power delay because it will all the sudden get all the power it didn't get at first and then I have to put it in 1st to get going and then shift on the fly to 3rd for cruising speed and do that at every red light or near stop. If I put it in D (overdrive) it doesn't idle or cruise like it should. This happens about 70%-75% of the time when it gets drove. It also has a slow oil leak but I'm sure that's not the problem.

Why does the motor rev up till it warms up

The only issue I am having is: it's dripping oil when parked. The oil drippings are fairly small. ( about the size of a QUARTER). I had Intake Manifold replaced by friend of a friend in DEC. of 2012. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you,

Brian J. Butler
P.S. BTW Mechanic is not yet Certified. Attending Mechanic school this month. He does have experience thou..

after replacing both & i past the emission part oif the smog but the check engine light still reads o2 sensor

recently my car seems like it has a short somewhere.runs fine but interior lights door locks etc.work sporadically.right now car is dead in the water,no crank no lights nada. HELP

well I was driving down the road set my cruise at 60 all of a sudden i saw my mph decline and all my internal lights stayed the same radio still on my car just lost power steering and i pulled over went to start it again and it will start for a few seconds then shut right off. Ive changed the Starter selenoid changed oil and the filter changed fuel filter got a new gas cap changed the cam sensor new air filter new spark plugs pcv valve before this all happened with the break down I would have to hammer the gas to start it up and Id have to drive really slow when id come to a stop or put it in reverse or drive itd die and id have to repeat the process of starting it back up took it to Autozone and they had a TON of codes on it and they were all some sort of air issues and misfires can anyone help me?

The drivers side strut blew and sprayed fluid all over the brakes. Now the rear drivers side brake is locked up. Any advice as to what the problem might be?

air condition was working and blowing cold air, then it was blowing hot air,whats wrong?

The noise hums higher when I press on the gas and decreases when I let off. I am also smelling a burning fuel smell and my "Brake" and "Anti-Lock" light are now on. I had my fuel filter replaced when the tensioner was installed. What could be wrong? I have a feeling it is something with the serpentine belt and tensioner. I checked my fluid and my overflow was empty so I filled it and rechecked it a couple of days later and added more. Not too much but the antifreeze looks dirty in the overflow. My car only has 48,000 on it so I am not sure what is going on

The car still ran, I returned to same shop this morning as they fixed it last time with my advice after extensive research that it was the coil. The mechanic is no longer there, and they have no records and they seem to think its not the coil although it was the fix last time, even the auto parts place said its not either, HELP!!