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I want to know if there is an easy way to replace the locking mechanism in my passenger side door. It broke around 119,000 miles, and now it will not lock my passenger side door, the motor for the power lock still works.
need help with the fuse's how do I know which one is for the speedometer. my manual states its #10 but there are others showing #10 as well, does the box start top left to top right or top left and going down then ba...
I have oil in it and I put new coils in it. But I hear a loud knocking noise
It starts up fine and then the engine light comes on and then after a while it stalls at any speed and then starts up 1st try but it stalls at high speeds on the freeway and it is HARD to steer and stop it so it is da...
I need help ASAP since my children are driving the car on the highway at 70mph and it stalls.
I have changed window motors several times they dont work If the switch is bad can I wire it to a togal switch and how
Purchased used switch, hooked it up, front windows still do not operate up or down. Tested motors and they work.
ive checked fuel pump it works .. fuel filter is good .. if not that what sensors are there that may not be working .its like its not getting any fuel to the engine
Wht could it b cuz it runs good sometime then after I turn the car off and start it back up it putts and stalls and then I wait a hour or 2 and try and start it again it will run fine