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Changing/flushing coolant is an obvious one. However are there any other biggies that I should take care of before the winter sets in? I don't want to spend $1000's on repairs... especially since this is an 19 year ol...
I can't find the right size wrench, to take off the bolt of the bracket, to the fuel filter.
when water is added to my reservoir and/or coolant is added it just leaks out and i believe it is leaking from the seal on the water pump
My 92 Buick Century Wagon just had the following work done on it: both wheel bearings, left front brake hose, left front caliper, clean/adjust rear brakes, remove/install right rear wheel cylinder, turn/machine rear d...
My right rear brake cylinder is leaking. How do I repair it?
I just installed new radio in my car about 14 months ago. It played ok for about 12 months,and the audio for the radio stations stopped playing. The CD has audio the clock works, and every other function works fine. I...
we are tryiong to put new brake cylinder on the rear
My right washer has stopped working the left is fine. What do I have to take apart to to repair this problem.
outside handle does not work went to replace the handle and the holes that mount the handle are worn out the replacement handle has compression nuts so they will not stay tight. I can pick up a door for $75 the door ...
When a drive my car over 40 mph and I brake it starts to shake and it then dies out but it always starts back up. It never happens when I am going slower than 40 mph
On the drivers side need a cv joint. What is the cost of replaceing it.
check engine light comes on at 15 mph and goes off when I get to 45 mph.
The radiator in my car leaks very bad all the time
How do I go about replacing the assembly which houses the parking light/turn signal and running light? I cannot even see how to replace the LAMPS let alone the whole assembly!