Ford Flex Problem Report

Ford Flex Broken Center Console Latch

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Defective materials can cause the center console latch to break. The latch on the console lid should be replaced.

Latch broke on the center console -
broken center console latch broken -
Oneday the center console Latch just broke -
Latch broken on center console -
latch is broken when i purchased it used. -
Has been crackling for awhile...just took apart and found the only thing holding it together was four screws that screw into small plastic holes and the latch is only held in with two small plastic hooks. The part will cost us over $200 to replace this cheap plastic lid that will probably break again. We are senior citizens and had planned on this being our last car. We have had problems with rear brake problems (covered) as well as front brake problems (locking up and not covered). We even bought the extended coverage. Weren't we smart? -
Broken center console lid, -
Center Console latch broken - no solution -
Center Console Latch made of plastic. Continues to break. Needs better design and materal. -
Still broken needs to be replaced. -
latch broke (or spring came loose). Dealer repaired under warranty. broke again at 46K I'm going to go buy the torx tools and take it apart myself -
It seems as the spring for my console latch came off so now the latch is just really loose and flops around. It just happened yesterday and today is sunday so I wasn't able to contact the dealership yet, but its just one more problem that i've had with car and its barely a year old, I'm already thinking of trading it in for something else. -
Latch broken too about 12 months ago -
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the power point is on rear of the center console. That is the only one that does not work.