Honda Accord Problem Report

Honda Accord Alternator Bearing May Fail

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Delphi style alternators on some of the engines have a history of alternator bearing failure. Bearing failure will cause a whining noise coming from the engine compartment.

Told the alternator and bearing were going out by the service guys at Honda and said it would be a total cost of $661.30 to get the parts and fix it. I brought it in a month before because of a random, whiney, whirring sound. At first it did not make the noise, but they said they were able to recreate the noise and said it was the heat shield, which would have costed $250 to remove and replace. But I did not think that was right so I didn't go for it. A couple days ago the sound got worse and is now a loud, deep, grindy noise that happens everytime I turn the car on, of which they say now it is the bearing and alternator failing. -
Be carefull when presure washing your engine. -
Alternator whine. Wd40 squirted into the pulley to housing gap silences the noise temporarily -
loud whirring noise from engine compartment -
One day the alternator started whining, and stopped charging at the same time. It needed replacement and the manufacturer agreed to pay for parts even though it was out of warranty. I paid labor, which at the Honda Dealer, was over 200.00. -
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