Toyota 4Runner Problem Report

Toyota 4Runner Air flow sensor may fail at higher mileages

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At higher mileages (125,000+) the Mass Air Flow Sensor may cause the vehicle to idle rough, run rich and even stall. Our technicians recommended to replace the Mass Air Flow Sensor with a factory unit because the aftermarket units have very mixed results.
feel the engine vibrate when it idles. rough vibration when in gear. when going on a 45-50 speed engine seems to run smoother. no trouble starting engine. the engine was replaced by toyota due to a faulty head gasket on a recall by them at 78,000 miles. recently new spark plug wiring, distributer cap and roater, all toyota parts used in the replacement. this made no difference in the problem. will an engine compression test make a difference and tell where the problem is? i was told that the air flow problem could affect 1 or more cylinders. so what do you gain? please help. -
Well mine is pretty much doing this I just got the heads and gaskets rebuilt. A few macs all told me it sounds like a cinser gone out. But yes u crank it it blows out a lil black smoke like its getting to much gas Like it's missing real bad but when u hit the gas it sounds fine u left off it dies. Can somebody please give me some pointers. I love my truck But damn I've put enph money in it -
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