AC Not Blowing Cold on Honda CR-V

The AC compressor may seize resulting in loss of cold air from the AC vents. Often when the compressor fails in the fashion, debris is spread through out the entire air conditioning system resulting in very expensive repairs.

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Average mileage: 101,120 (10,000–260,000)
16 model years affected: 1997, 1999, 2001, 2002, more2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
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2010 Honda CR-V 57,000 mi,
A/C just stopped cooling from one minute to the next.
2004 Honda CR-V 40,000 mi,
This is a common defect on a lot of Honda's. Honda is aware of the defect and rather than issue a recall is stiffing their customer base for the repairs. This should be a recall. I went into my dealer with literally thousands of pages of printouts of issues with the compressors. They fixed mine, but there are thousands of complaints where customers had to pay. Google it.
2004 Honda CR-V 53,000 mi,
Air worked fine, then just started blowing warm/hot air.
1999 Honda CR-V 46,000 mi,
I got into my car at 5:00 today and the air conditioner was blowing hot air. It was fine last night when I was coming home. Is there anything I can try before bringing it back to the dealer. I just paid over $1,000. to have the power steering problem fixed. Thank you.
2008 Honda CR-V 116,000 mi,
Started blowing hot air when I started car, ac worked fine when I went into store
1997 Honda CR-V 226,100 mi,
Will not hold freon charge, light comes on when ac button is pressed and hear the engine load, but no cold air
A/C quit blowing cold air. Loud "banging" sound occurred with a slight smell and "squeeling" noise. Thought something was falling out of my engine. Just happened today, have not had looked at yet.
2010 Honda CR-V 60,000 mi,
My A/C is blowing hot air. I am currently shopping for the best price to fix it.
2005 Honda CR-V 70,000 mi,
A/C stopped working, blowing warm air. No sounds. Dealerhips, who to this point has done all maint/repair, says the compressor seized dispersing filings throughout the system, requirimg most of the system to be replaced.. Repair estimated to be a little over $3,000..
2003 Honda CR-V 96,000 mi,
My Honda CR-V 2003 started making loud noise when the A/c is switched on. Took it to the Honda dealer where I get all my work done. I was quoted $4,000 for replacing the compressor after all discounts applied on labor and parts. Before discount, the quote was for $5,000+. Is is really supposed to be that expensive. I am at a loss whether to get this fixed or trade in this car for a new one. Dealer is not very hopeful of any help from the Honda Goodwill repair program.
2003 Honda CR-V 65,000 mi,
ac started blowing warm air. It was working the day before. Took it to the dealer and had to pay 1,200$ to replace the ac compressor.
2004 Honda CR-V 130,000 mi,
A/C Broke 3 times and is very expensive. Honda is aware of this problem and refuses to do anything about it. All one needs to do is read the web blogs and you will see how many owners have had this experience with their CRVs. Honda needs to man up and take responsibility for this problem they know it exist and they are turning their back on thousands of people who put their trust in Honda. Honda shoud initiate a recall on all air conditioners in 2004 CRV's and all the have the same problems. Javier M,Raleigh, NC, USA
2011 Honda CR-V 65,578 mi,
Air conditioner is blowing hot air
2008 Honda CR-V 131,500 mi,
After noticing hot air blowing when A/C should have been producing cold air, we took it into our mechanic and their assessment is that the air compressor clutch burnt out requiring at least the compressor to be replaced but recommending everything associated with the A/C to be in order for it to be warrantied. Not what I had in mind today when I woke up.
2002 Honda CR-V 82,000 mi,
A/c stopped blowing cold air after working fine 10 + years. Took to dealer and they said the air condensing unit kind of exploded sending mental all throughout the system and that this is very "rare"! The dealership wants $3800 to fix! Did some research and found out that this is not rare. Now it's time to fight.
2008 Honda CR-V 80,000 mi,
it blows cold air some time, while other time it doesn't. It seems like the compressor stop working when it's hot outside/engine hot. It blows cold air running in weather like 80F for 10 minutes, then cold air suddenly changes to hot/warm air. After parked/cooldown in evening, it starts working again in the morning. For another 10 minutes or so. Damn it.
2010 Honda CR-V 64,000 mi,
I have this problem, and I am about to take it to the dealer. I was really glad to read your website. Is there a way I can have this fixed without a costly repair?
2009 Honda CR-V 98,000 mi,
blowing warm air for several months -- decided not to investigate as I'm in Maine. Right front started smoking.... thought it was seized brake. Opened up hood, heard belt snap, towed to shop, and now estimated $1,200. just like everyone else.
2011 Honda CR-V 42,000 mi,
AC cool sometimes