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problem occur after smart phone charger pugged into cigarette lighter
will need to drop transmission, any helpful hints on doing this
To repair and replace the seal it will cost $1000 because they have to drop the front axle to replace the differential seal. Is all this labor necessary just to replace or fix a leak in the differential. Is the expens...
When I try to start my car, it acts like it wants to start but it won't catch what could be the problem?
I broke the interior console latch and have ordered and received a replacement. I cannot figure out how to dis-assemble the console door. There are no visible screws or fasteners. The replacement latch suggests tha...
anitlock brakes always deploy everytime i brake
I have no power to the radio, Garage door opener and internal dome lights. The fuse that powers the radio looks good not sure why all of these components have no power ? What could I search for in the car ?