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Can't find headlight assembly for my acura RL would Honda fit it or any other?
I was wondering if anyone knows if the coil springs for the strut for a 1999 Acura TL will fit my 1999 Acura RL.. Thank you in advance.. Tammy
My car was running find, I stop for a second and turned my car off, went to start it and there was no power, check under the hood while getting a jump and it started up fine, went to pull off and the car cut off again...
Chcked and double checked fuses, both under dash and under the hood. Replaced transistor, jumped out resistor, bench tested motor, swapped out relays. All work fine. Its seems like there is no voltage getting to the o...
The radio, lights, etc. appear to be working fine, so it does not appear to be a problem. A 2012 Owner review referenced a similar problem that mentions a switch under the dash that older (1998) RLs have a problem wi...
where is the oil drain plug and how do i change the oil in a 1996 acura rl 3.5 what kind of oil do i use
#1 seems as if vehicle won't shift into high gear #2 SRS light stays on, and check engine light comes on occasionally
the head light fuses have no power give the power with a power probe they come on but will not switch to high beam or turn off with the switch replaced relay wich have power n switch still inop
The brake light works intermittently but, mostly does not come on when brake is applied. Couldn't find a fuse for it. Don't know how to replace it.
Seem like i will have to disconnet the battery
Need to know how much will cost and should then do all spark plugs? And what else should be checked?
It started when I started the car. I have 56000 miles and everything seems fine
blower blows hard if I start it before car starts to warm if I wait until car is beginning to warm it will not blow like it should.
where is the starter located, and is it easy to locate and changed?
do I have to access the starter from under the car?
whenever i put the keys in the ignition, the lights come on the dash, but when i turn the key, nothing happens, I don't get no kind of response from the motor
car dont want to start at times,i switch key and it starts other times i just keep turning the key off and on and it eventually starts. this has been going on for a few years.
Had car 6 months and then this happened last Wednesday afternoon. Two guys pushed us out of traffic to side of road. What could be the problem, thanks for your response. This has happened 3 times.