Pulled out all fuses and theye are intact. The cigarette lighter and additional charging station in center console are not working and just not the key fob stopped locking my door and turning on the antitheft. The car does need a battery that I'm getting tomorrow but it has needed a battery and never had any of these issues..what could it be?

Changed plugs ran fine the. Starts at act up again

I checked all the fuses and came up negative...the screen will not pop up so I can put the code in

going to buy new car?
Help please?

looking to buy do not want headaches

Only the horn works,no other power?

Why want car start?

Battery and alternator both. Good but does not charge

Not charging altenaror test good and new battery

Buick Enclave
Toyota Highlander
Toyota 4 Runner
GMC Yukon Denali
Chevolet Tahoe


oil.360,000 miles what is wrong and can it be fixed?
Thank you

I think its my valves and seals.
360,000 miles on car?

GPS System will say door is open.
Will ask me to make a U Turn going
down the freeway. How much to replace System or to repair.

It started happening today while driving home from work. I was driving
home going about 35 mph, when all of a sudden my car wouldn't accelerate as I press
the gas. I noticed that tachometer number keeps going up and I can hear a loud engine noise. My car keeps moving, but only 20mph and white smoke was coming out my back.
Any help is appreciated.

Sometimes when the ABS light goes off,
the buzzing stops, sometimes not.
This is the first time I've heard this
What could be causing this and is it dangerous to drive when the sound is on?

po code po 118 related-rough idle when first started cold/fast idle at 1300-to 1500. passenger side cooling fan not coming on while left side fan is on,new thermostat and coolant flush and new fan sensor and new pcm sensor but not sure location of correct sensor involved

No recent oil changes or repairs done to car. Drove to town and back (3 miles) and had a trail of fluid behind the car and the rest ran out in the garage.

starts and runs good no engine miss very smooth plenty of power, but getting oil in cooling system ????

I just discovered on CAR FAX that recalls where issued in 1999 for all 1996-1998 Acura 3.5RL's with automatic transmissions!!
The recall follows right along with tranny issues we inherited AFTER owning it for only 6 Days!! Recall states that a bolt can drop out of Tranny and cause the entire unit to SEPARATE from the Differential with no warning!!! ALSO.... this can cause these same models of cars to surge forward unexpectedly WHILE IDLING and WITHOUT Being in GEAR AT ALL!! unless the Emergency break is on. this can happen at a Stoplight while you have foot on brake!!!!

happened on freeway,6 days after purchasing from private party. After towing home, have occasionally been able to engage Reverse than shifted to drive.We drove it 3/4 way around block, then coasted it home. We want to make sure #1: can a solenoid or a malfunction computer code have caused this.#2:could it just need a complete tranny flush and filter(change)#3: could it be a relay of some type?