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I tried the fusenox inside by drivers door hinges - but no mention of it
I was wondering if anyone knows if the coil springs for the strut for a 1999 Acura TL will fit my 1999 Acura RL.. Thank you in advance.. Tammy
the head light fuses have no power give the power with a power probe they come on but will not switch to high beam or turn off with the switch replaced relay wich have power n switch still inop
I replaced spark plugs - With NGK PFR5L11, serviced the EGR valve , cleaned the injectors and banks, replaced the NEC since it had misfire from the left bank thats cyl. 4,5 & 6. Also the check engine stays on the cod...
My car turns over but wont start. could it be the fuel pump?
It has happened Twice in 2 months!Usually after about an hour of being parked when I go to take it out of park it is stuck. So, when I check that fuse it is blown.
f you go forward or in reverse,the car makes noise,but it starts right up,what is that??
My rear nightlight(the tail lights) don't turn on, also when I hit the remote to lock the doors, the lights no longer blink My rear brake is working. I can not drive in night time because of this problem. I checked ...
starts and runs fine but when siting at a stop sign in drive or reverse it runs like crap . got codes p1399, p1204,p0401,p0141,p0325, what could it be and what can i do to try to fix it helllpppp please.
My 1999 Acura RL (3.5L) recently had a used engine swap and upon reassembly the car developed a gear grinding noise that sort of came and went. It definitely changed with the rotational speed of the car and not the en...
light stay on all the time it says brake light