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there is oil on the spark plugs i was told that there are some orings that need to be replaced where are they and how do youi replace them
where is the oil drain plug and how do i change the oil in a 1996 acura rl 3.5 what kind of oil do i use
it sounds funny when trying to cranks but wont turn over
My fuel pump have no power and I also have no sparks coming from my coils is there's something that will cut off all power forward fuel and coils could it be the madual or the crankshaft sensor
Replace fuel pump but have no power on the wire can it be my fuel relay that its not sending power to the wire for the fuel pump and if it is where's the relay located
how long is the the drive cycle and what is the proceedure
It seems that window motor works, but the window only goes half way up. I looked at the window pannel to see if I could remove it, maybe the window is off the track. I could use some info please thanks.
The engine was replaced from a salvaged car. Could the engine require the reprogramming of my computor to run in my specific car?
My neice put the code in too many times in my car and now I got the radio to come on but now my cd player appears to work but i can't hear it please help?
My speedometer hand, gas hand, hot and cold hand stopped working. What might the problems be?