Only when my headlights are on. Only when pressing brakes, the backup camera comes on on the screen and the blinker flicks on and off again. What could this be and is it common

Cannot find fuse in manual. Radio fuse good. what is the name of the fuse that I should be looking for. Manual isn't clear on fuse description. Thanks much.

i need the exhaust system from the catalytic converter back with both mufflers

Im asking this because I need to go get my car smog

It freezes alot also. How do I fix this?

it happens everytime when i drive it and it starts to do this after i drive a few kilometres

mechanic says its aluminum case FLAW. its leaking as it porus. they want 5,000 to replace it, i dont think i should foot this bill as its a manufactureing FLAW. Can other Acura owners tell me if they have had this problem////

The green key light is flashing, . Last couple of months needed a jump several times. Finally wouldn't start at all, replaced battery (it was leaking ) , still wouldn't, replaced starter (prior to problem, sounded like it was was going out) . Now it tries to turn over, but sounds like its out of gas (its not) tried both keys, checked fuses. What else?

Was driving around town 105 degrees,AC had a burned leaves smell coming.g through the vents...lasted about a min. Then nothing but hot air blowing from the vent. Does it need refrigerant, or a new compressor (ouch). ?? Help its 111 today...im stuck to my leather seat. Its only 7 years old, and had been blowing ice cold the day before.

What about hoses and belts?

Our vehicle has only 27,300 miles but is 6 years old. We do mostly local driving so we did a pre-emptive brake pad replacement on both front and rear. A caliper seal was leaking so we had to do that replacement also. Does this seem early or is it a function of brake time like the pads?