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Since the check charging system light came on and when I step on the gas my car wouldn't go.

am having starter light display anytime i start my mdx 07, check starting system

where would I find information?
Thank you

I'm trying to schedule a repair service and selected the service I needed. When I go to the estimate details tab and add on services it only gives me the price for the one "timing belt" and not all the extras to go along with that. When I go to book a shop it's asking me to pay for just the one and not everything included. Make sense?

This message appears when attempting to use GPS system.

I was backing up when i put it in drive shuts off

Parts from Acura cost around $91 but dealer wanted around $1800 for repair cost. They will change rear mail seal, axle seals, torque converter seals & shift shaft seals - Thank you.

Spmetimes it wont even go in reverse.

Had it towed to shop, they diagnosed it and had multiple misfiring codes, was told it could be the motor or head gasket? Please help

It pops up and then goes away.

what happens when i use regular gas instead of hi grade

Just bought vehicle ... It leaks oil evidently , about 1 quart per week

This just happened yesterday

we have ck'd the plugs and the coil moving them around the only time it ran rough was when we removing them, checked EGR Valve it was clean not sign of clogging or dirt. I dont know what to do next I'm on a fixed income and need someone to be fair. What else should i look for or where can i go to get it fixed for a fair price.

put on meter car was misfiring on 2 cylinders 2 & 4 took it to shop they drove it then put on there meter said all were misfiring (car never stalls only runs a bit rough first thing in am) said we need to replace the injectors $700 +. i want to know can the spark plugs be replace and some how blow out the injectors? because if they change only the injectors wont the plugs need to be changed also.? add that to the $700 and I become the next person to be forced into public transportation i am a single person a senior just barely but that is way out of my price range can someone give me some guidelines

It takes 10-15 minutes of running the motor to have it kick in with cold air. When it does, it's very cold. I can hear the AC motor kick on when I turn the AC switch on/off.

I brought a transmission and it sat for one year before I could find someone to put it in and the person that put it in I had to buy a ranger sensor and a Solenoid. And the transmission wasn't no good. When the truck is in park it won't start up when it is put in Neutral it starts up. I was wondering if I should get another transmission. I don't know what else to do

Noise is intermittent.

only hot air blow

glass is not broken window is off the trach

I was just wondering if there was a way to start my car from under the hood

I have changed the spark plugs, battery is good and I have tried both sets of keys. I have spark.

Intermittently failed while car was under warranty. Now does not work at all. Dealer conveniently does not have records of me reporting the problem under warranty. In looking at other questions, looks like this is a common problem in 2008.

Car drives fine except that code comes on at 60mph. I took out this solenoid and clean debris where it was mounted. I also checked that the solenoid was working properly too. Should I get a new torque converter clutch solenoid or transmission. But at the same time the car drives good with no shifting problems except for that code keeps popping on. What should I do?

When pushing on the gas my vehicle at times takes a sec before engaging again it seems to be happening more regularly your site said something about a recall but acura says there is not one can you explain this and what might cause this problem

My vehicle when driving will suddenly stop accelerating and takes a moment before engaging again has been happening alot recently and i have notice that acura says there is no recall but your site said there was can you explain this please

As I am driving, the car will turn off and begin to coast. The dashboard is blacken. When I stop it and put it in Park, it will start up and act as if nothing had happened. I just had recent scheduled maintenance done.

Is there anythIng else that I may do instead of replacing the engine. Should I just buy a new car?