2004 Acura MDX Questions

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I'm trying to schedule a repair service and selected the service I needed. When I go to the estimate details tab and add on services it only gives me the price for the one "timing belt" and not all the extras to go along with that. When I go to book a shop it's asking me to pay for just the one and not everything included. Make sense?

Spmetimes it wont even go in reverse.

Noise is intermittent.

I have error codes p0455 and p0420. How di diagnos the problem

What else could be causing the misfire on all 6 ignition coils if they all have been replaced. It runs much better since the new coils were put in but it just doest make sense

i went to 2 different places

my problem is that allthe light in the dasboard are on,for weeks now, what should i do to fix it? Acura 2004

Will it hurt my engine if I drive without fixing it right now. I can stand the heat.