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my problem is that allthe light in the dasboard are on,for weeks now, what should i do to fix it? Acura 2004
Will it hurt my engine if I drive without fixing it right now. I can stand the heat.
When I push the power window switch on any window it makes a noise like it's working, but nothing happens. This is on all windows. It just started. No problems before.
told by differrent people they have 2 and they have 3
2004 acura mdx a/c wont let me add freeon just replaced compressor abd condensor. checked cabin filter, real dirty
My wife drove the MDX the other day and said it started to shudder suddenly, and the D5 light started to blink, but she drove home. Now when I start it and put into drive(any D1-D5)it drives sometimes but sometimes it...
When I turn on my Acura MDX 2004, the airbag warning light stays on and does not turn off.
the light turn on after you drive some miles and stay on.
I have a mdx 2004. While moving the gear from from drive to prk, I can feel the movement rough, hard and the same from drive to park? Any thought? What needs to fixed or what need to be looked at?