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So had issues with my car not always starting. Seemed like it was mainly when I would drive around running errands so the car wouldn't sit much between. I would turn the key to start and it wouldn't there is no noise ...
Our navigational system/radio stopped working. When we took the center console apart to find the wiring, we seen that the wires had melted. Nothing else was affected just the radio and nav system. We can't see where t...
with about 180,000, the light has come on a few times then gone out. Now it has stayed on for the last few hundred miles around town. I have brought into dealer who told me it was the converter though I didn't get t...
Window doesn't feel like it will engage with the motor, how do I repair?
and engine light on and told ned a transmission now after 2 wks. I bought the torque and he installed. engine light on and computer indicates transmission. what else could it bemileage 112000
The car will begin to jack and the transmission get hot and the car transmission will stop working until I stop for wait and let it cool. This usually happen when I am on a speed of above 100km/hr for some time
I had a mechanic look at it and was told it would cost around $3000 to get fixed.
the original pump was changed because it was making noise and foaming in reservoir. but power steering worked.my wife used non Honda p/s fluid to refill it.