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I went to several shops to get my transmission oil changed, they said the oil is too old and advised me to not change the oil, because this will cause the transmission to fail. "just wait till the transmission goes b...
Hi i drive my acura mdx 2003 i feel my 3rd gear slip but the Only code i have is P0420 and nothing
It has fluid sometimes I have to pull over and put it in park then back in drive for it to move sometimes Im giving gas while moving and it doesn't want to change gear
Replaced the battery twice and the alternator once.checked all the connections for corrosion and grounds all are clean. Shutdown while driving twice in one week. Does anyone else have this problem?
i have a 2002 acura mdx that has had electrical problems for years now and i have spent thousands with no resolve.the truck will stall wile driving and the dash lights will start flashing and clicking as the truck pow...
The check engine light was on for awhile and the vtm-4 light would come and then go off. Now they are both on and the D5 light is flashing and it feels like it wants to start off in high gear
It only lasts a second then kicks back into 3rd or 4th for a while. I really feel it(like the brakes getting slammed on).It happened about 6 times on my 10 mile drive usually around 35MPH.Any Ideas? Tranny oil level l...
just stopped working...checked fuses, is it a sensor? are there more than 1? how do I tell what to replace?
this is the first time the check engine light has come on.
When you depress the brake pedal a click is heard allowing to shift out of park,I've been able to bypass by depressing the lever in the whole next to the shift lever with a screwdriver.A few days ago the brake lights ...
VTM-4 Light come in on all times