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I have a 93 acura legend 3.2..... and I just had the radiator replaced..... then I got a leak.... could it be the water pump...?
Is it going to break down to where it's not useable
had the flywheel resurfaced by Acura Ventura - to save me some $. Those guys were gr8 to me BTW. I now can't afford to take to Acura - and had one mechanic drive it parking lot sure the entire clutch needed to be rep...
The engine is not getting enough fuel to keep it running.
my car stalls when stopped and when i break it feels like the is air somewhere almost like when the air is not bled from your break line. i change the alternator but it still does it. what can this be.
Brought my car in for an AC repair. Told mechanic car had AC last summer no problems. Mechanic quoted $150 for a recharge. Mechanic called to say they found a leak $75 more. I said OK. My bill had Parts tota...
how do you know that the water pump is going bad
My speedometer is not registering and when my car gets up to speed to go into 4th gear the light on fourth gear starts blinking and it shifts back down to second gear.
how do you remove an ignition the whole thing cylinder and switch
car works fine in fast moving traffic..once stopped or moving slowly, the temp guage goes up..if I pull over, put the car in park, turn it off, wait 2 mins and then re-start..the car will run all day in dead stop traf...
where is the relay for the p windows on a 93 acura legend
when i put the car on drive i get a kick
the car isnt getting any fire to the engine.and all my lights to the car keeps blinking on and off.the car itself will not turn over and crank up.it has been sitting in the yard for at least 4 months. i think it is th...